Reclimbing of a historical route


in the finishing years of the 19th century two hungarian sisters where among the first alpinists conquering peaks all around Europe, most of them in the Dolomites.

In 2021, it will be precisely 120 years ago that Rolanda & Ilona Eötvös were the first to ascend the south wall of the Tofana di Rozes. They became known as the Hungarian baron’s daughters, a herstory that sadly did not live on for long. Two young pioneers who sneaked out of their bedroom-window to explore the mountanins, should not be forgotten! This is our idea how to remember them.


In September 2021, a team of five climbers resembling the original Eötvös Team, including two female hungarian alpinists & three guides, will climb the very route that Rolanda & Ilona first ascended back in 1901.

But to properly experience the childhood steps of mountaneering culture, a simple reclimb is not enough! Therefore, all participants will be solely using the clothing, as well as the equipment which was utilized
back in the days! Meaning modern harnesses & synthetic jackets will be swopped for hemp ropes & hooped skirts!

Together with our professional film crew we follow the five alpinists through their mission, starting with the planning of the expedition, a two weeks prep. camp in the Dolomites, all the way up to the summit! Of course we won’t miss out on getting to know more about the Eötvös sisters on the way who are the very inspiration for this project!


In the midst of the stunning Dolomites in the Italian Province of Belluno lies the Tofana di Rozes (3225m). Its vertical south wall contains one of the most classic routes in the area consisting of a 800m straight climb & hike to summit. This is the very route that was first ascended by Rolanda & Ilona together with their tree south tyrolian guides A. Dimai, A.Verzi, G.Siorpaes. It is the heart location of the documentary featuring the alpinists training camp & ascend.


As Documentary filmmakers, it is our mission to capture the experience of our climbing team as authentic & truthful as possible. However, as we also want to take our audience a bit back in time, we will bring a forgotten format back to life. The so called stereo camera was the grandfather of modern 3D, taking almost two identical pictures at once.

With the help of our VFX Team we will create an immersive experience by literally diving into the analogue films sheets taken by Rolanda & Ilona’s father Loránd Eötvös for whose extensive collection we already aquired legal access.